Fire Extinguisher Recall For Rental Properties

There has been a massive fire extinguisher recall on Kidde fire extinguishers as imposed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These apply to their two types of extinguishers with plastic handles as shown below.

Push-Button Fire Extinguisher Recall

Push-button fire extinguisher recall

Plastic Handle Fire Extinguisher Recalls

plastic handle fire extinguisher recalls

How Do I Replace My Recalled Fire Extinguisher?

To get a replacement you will want to follow the steps outlined at this link.

One thing to be weary of is that a replacement unit might not be sent to you for 15-20 days.

We heard about this recall from a member of our private Facebook group and she posted this insight.

replacement fire extinguisher wait time

So you may want to opt to be reimbursed rather than risk having a rental without a properly functioning fire extinguisher.

Take a few moments and check to make sure your fire extinguishers are not on this recall list.

Special Thank You to our group members who shared the details of this recall with everyone.