RentPrep Partners with Zibo and Joins Zibo Marketplace

It is more important than ever to protect your rentals by finding trustworthy tenants in today’s day and age. Even though it would be great if every tenant paid their rent on time, kept noise levels down, and carefully maintained a property, this just isn’t the case.

In reality, bad tenants can fly under the radar and cause a flurry of problems for independent landlords. These problems ultimately impact the value of the property, profits, and even the stress levels of the landlord as they fight bad tenants through the legal system.

RentPrep was founded to give everyday landlords peace of mind by protecting their property using the most accurate tenant screening. That ideology is why RentPrep has partnered with Zibo, the first free platform designed specifically to support the financial needs of today’s everyday landlords. Zibo’s solutions include online rent collection, banking and payments, expense management, and access to competitive mortgages and property insurance.

RentPrep is passionate about helping landlords succeed,” stated Steve White, CEO of RentPrep. “We love to align with companies like Zibo that are supporting landlords and creating solutions with the same passion as we are.” 

RentPrep is also proud to join Zibo’s Marketplace, an online resource designed to highlight trusted partners and introduce landlords to best-in-class real estate services. With access to RentPrep’s top-notch tenant screening,  Zibo customers can now rest assured they have the tools they need to find the best possible tenants.

“Our mission at Zibo is to level the playing field for independent landlords who are up against institutional investors with access to more resources,” said Chris Hsu, CEO and Co-Founder of Zibo. “We’re thrilled to partner with RentPrep and offer the most accurate tenant screening to give our customers peace of mind and help them protect their properties.”

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