Renting to College Students

Renting to college students can be good and bad for landlords with rental property in a college town. In this episode of Night School, we’ll examine the unique conditions landlords should prepare for when renting to college students, as well as other tips on background checks, lease agreements and more.

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  1. Good information. I’ve never had a foreign student apply in one of my houses so I’d never thought of this issue. Years ago when I managed apartments for someone else we had foreign students, but I wasn’t involved in the selection process. I just had to clean up after them. I must say, of all the foreign students we rented to, I’m not sure any of them were a positive experience. Maybe that was lack of selection. Maybe it was assuming too much such as if they know what a garbage disposal is. Or how to flush a toilet in the US. Basic things seemed to be unknown to them.

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