Landlord University: A Podcast by RentPrep

Every landlord can benefit from a boost in knowledge when it comes to real estate, from single property owners to seasoned investment professionals. On this episode of RentPrep’s Night School, we’ll discuss the purpose of Landlord University and the ways it can benefit landlords across the country.
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Thank you for joining us on the first episode of our new podcast. We appreciate you joining in on the conversation.

Show Notes

0:00 – 1:00 Jeff Pearsons introduces the podcast
1:01 – 1:45 Jeff explains how he and Steve White met on his podcast Mentor Impact
1:46 – 4:09 Steve White is the CEO of RentPrep and he explains how this background check service was started.
4:10 – 7:20 What will this podcast be about and who will we interview?
7:21 – 9:00 Jeff explains his past managing two duplexes that he owned and the purpose of the podcast to give solid information to the listeners.
9:01 – 10:17 Steve explains how things are changing constantly in this industry. We will dive into current events and things that are changing right now.10:18 – 15:30  Jeff and Steve discuss the change in Craigslist stripping the html ability in the post.
15:31 – End  Jeff explains the format of future episodes and closes out the episode

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode

rent-prep for tenant screening and background reports

Mentor Impact Podcast – Jeff’s podcast