Podcast 144: Lease Tips with Elizabeth Colegrove of The Reluctant Landlord

Elizabeth Colegrove of the Reluctant Landlord is our guest on the podcast this week.

She travels with her husband who is active military so her strategy is built around managing rental properties from anywhere.

If you want to watch the video recording of this podcast feel free:

Interesting takeaways from this episode:

Elizabeth has an addendum in her lease that has the renter pays the first $100 of any repair.

This is to get renters to think more like homeowners and reduce calls to change a light bulb.

“It’s prevented the stupid calls… the thermostat wasn’t working and she didn’t change the battery on the thermostat.”

In conclusion:

Elizabeth has a unique situation in that she is bouncing around from base to base and this has made her create an iron-clad lease for her rentals.

Sometimes unique situations can create great outcomes for people. In her case she has to have a great lease because she’s managing rentals from several states.

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