Podcast 140: Renting to a Former Criminal

Our latest podcast episode is about considerations of renting to a tenant with a criminal record.
We have a special guest on the podcast who works for a non-for-profit called “Peaceprints of WNY.”
We met Isabel at the HOME Landlord training class and we thought it would be interesting to get her perspective on helping men (who have been recently incarcerated) find housing.
If you have questions or would like to donate to Peaceprints of WNY they can be reached at info@peaceprintswny.org

Interesting take aways from this episode:

6:00 – HUD guidelines trying to help former incarcerated men find proper housing
6:30 – Re-entry programs have case managers to help with the person being placed in your rental
8:30 – The fact the person has been through the program and has people vouching for them
10:30 – A second chance for someone
16:00 – Keeping an open mind on the tenant
18:00 – Data has a shelf life
19:30 – Credit issues that happen while you’re incarcerated
23:00 – What type of society do you want to live in?