Podcast 139: Part 2 of Home Training

These are our cliff notes from a Landlord training we took at HOME Buffalo.
This was a three hour class Steve & Eric took in downtown Buffalo where all the latest landlord regulations and best practices were discussed.
This is a followup part 2 of our notes from the class we took.

Main takeaways from this episode:

Changes to identifiers for tenants on screening reports – Name, Date of Birth, SSN. On rental applications in NYS you’re not suppose to ask for the date of birth or the drivers license during the rental application. The reason being that they don’t want you to discriminate based on age.
4:00 mark: Legal rights you have to deny a tenant applicant.
6:00 mark: Criminal activity in the rental unit and the fact that you can be liable for housing a criminal.
7:00 mark: Home meth labs and the growing issues with tenants.
8:30 mark: How eviction calendar month works.
10:00 mark: Avoid self-help evictions
12:00 mark: 30 day window for evicted tenants to get their stuff