Night School 124: Identity Theft - Is Your Tenant Telling the Truth?

Identity theft is becoming more common every year, but sometimes it can become an false excuse given by rental applicants to explain away a poor credit background. In this episode of Night School, we’ll take a look at some of the things that landlords need to be looking for when an applicant claims they have been a victim of identity theft in their past.


  1. Freezing your credit isn’t only used for identity theft, it’s used mostly to prevent someone from opening up credit in your name. You must freeze your credit at all three credit bureaus, most states it’s free or if you live in California, it’s $10 per bureau. It also costs $10 for a temporary freeze. I have had my credit frozen for 2 years now.
    This site has a guide to freezing your credit.
    Thank you for your podcast. I’m subscribed and love the info I get from you.

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