Join Stephen White, Jeff Pearson and Jennifer Maughan as they review the latest landlord tenant news stories from across the country and discuss the lessons landlords can learn. In this episode, the group talks about one city’s fire department that is being proactive in helping landlords and tenants, and a new bill that may eliminate a security deposit cap in one state.


  1. I was a volunteer fireman for 15 years and have seen my share of fires. Something most people don’t know is when carbon monoxide builds up, one of the first things it does is paralyze you. You will find that you can’t move. Another thing many people don’t know is that your brain never “shuts off” the pain from a fire like it does other injuries. If I stab you, your brain may block the pain. If you burn however you will never stop feeling the pain. So imagine laying there awake and unable to move, and burning to death while feeling the flames the entire time.
    If that doesn’t encourage you to install a smoke detector and make sure it’s working I don’t know what will!
    This happened in my community recently. It could have been avoided by the cost of a battery.

    • Jerry, I think I’ll be checking mine and my tenants detectors again tonight!
      I can only imagine what you’ve seen during your service as a fireman.. hopefully anyone reading this will stop what they’re doing and take 1 minute to check something that could save lives. Thanks for sharing!

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