What Is A Gross Lease In Commercial Real Estate?

Join Stephen White, Jeff Pearson and Jennifer Maughan as they review the latest landlord tenant news stories from across the country and discuss the lessons landlords can learn. In this episode, the group talks about a landlord who successfully recovered stolen property and a breakthrough court ruling about landlord responsibility in the case of a tenant’s dog attack.


  1. I live in Northern California and received this from my local property association. Can you comment on why you think this bill was introduced?
    “I just heard from our Lobbyist that State Assemblyman, David Chiu has just introduced a Bill to Legislation that would permit a tenant to give a 14 day notice of termination of tenancy (instead of 30 day) and require a 14 day time period to return the lawfully remaining security deposit. No word yet on what the Bill number will be but get ready to speak our mind on this horrific Bill.
    I will keep you posted with any updates. By the way this isn’t the only horrific Bill that our Lobbyist are working hard to oppose.”

    • Wendy thanks for reaching out! I’m not shocked about the proposed legislation in CA considering some of the other proposed items to come from there over the years.
      Last year the background check industry was up in arms over proposed legislation in CA that would increase court access fees for records from $4 to $20. And the year before that the legislation on the table was a bill that would limit the years a criminal record would count against someone from 7 years to 2 years. So again, I’m not shocked that this new bill is even being considered.
      A lot of legislation ends up helping landlords in the long-run. This bill however would obviously not. First off – the 14 day time period to return security deposits is just unrealistic. Anyone who has managed properties knows that sometimes you need several weeks to decipher what the move-out damages will be after waiting on estimates and proposals from contractors. I see this causing all kinds of problems that will result in landlords losing their fees for damages and paying out in penalties. I’ve talked to many landlords who had a hard time meeting a 30 day requirement and ended up losing.
      The only thing more ridiculous than the 14 day time period is the 14 day notice of termination! How would this ever be enough time to re-rent the property? Even in a perfect case scenario where you’re showing the place with the existing tenants still there it wouldn’t be enough time to do things right. Hopefully, for this very reason the bill won’t pass. I think it conflicts with current CA law that gives the landlord the right to charge rent in the time it takes to re-rent when dealing with a broken lease. This would contradict that law, unless they’re thinking of changing that too. Which would be an obvious disaster.
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you here in NY. If for no other reason that what usually passes in CA makes it’s way to NY next lol. Keep me posted..

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