Tenant Breaking A Lease Before Moving In: Your Options

Landlords never want their tenant to break a lease agreement, but in a few incidents it makes sense for them to let a tenant out of a lease. In this episode of Night School, we’ll talk in depth about when it is acceptable for a tenant to break a lease agreement.
5 Legitimate Reasons to Allow a Tenant to Break Their Lease


  1. Life Happens
    – Good Will is often more valuable than chasing and harassing someone that needs to break a lease.
    More often it’s the landlord’s fault for setting tenants up for failure by not doing proper due diligence
    Learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time !

    • Wise words Jerry!
      Of course I’ve seen cases where circumstances are completely out of anyone’s control – but landlords certainly do create a lot of their own problems. Especially newer landlords or unreasonable people. Which brings us back to “good will” as you mentioned.

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