No matter how a landlord feels about the right to bear arms, they should be familiar with what rules and regulations can be enforced in a rental property when it comes to tenants and weapons. In this episode of Night School, we’ll examine what landlords are actually allowed to do when it comes to either allowing or banning weapons in a rental property.

Can a landlord ban firearms in a rental?

Many landlords wonder if they’re allowed to limit gun ownership in their rental properties without violating the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Simply put, yes they can. The reason being is that the Second Amendment was created to put a limit on government power. In this case, a private citizen is the one implementing the rule in their lease to ban guns on rental properties.
There is no Second Amendment violation for banning guns if it’s written in the lease. If there is no mention in the lease than it will create a potential issue.
It’s best for landlords to address this issue in the lease before addressing it with a tenant.