Night School 62: In the News

Join Stephen White, Jeff Pearson and Jennifer Maughan as they review the latest landlord tenant news stories from across the country and discuss the lessons landlords can learn. In this episode, stories center on returning security deposits properly, self-help evictions and familial status discrimination.


  1. This brings up a question. Can the landlord limit the number of occupants? How far does “quality of life” go? If there’s only one bedroom and they’re expecting a baby.. isn’t that a problem? That’s three people in one bedroom. Your comments seemed to say it both ways. It can’t be both ways. Either it’s a protected class or it’s not.

    • Jerry, here’s a response from Jennifer who originally researched this story –
      Generally occupancy limits are set by the city or municipality and the landlord can only enforce that. So Provo city said that the one bedroom had a limit of 3 people, the landlord cannot enforce something less or allow more. He also can’t enforce any familial relationship between the occupants. It’s most common for municipalities to set up laws for the number of people per bedroom or number of people per square foot.

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