No smoking signs

Cigarette smoke has proven to be one of the more destructive things to affect a property and other tenants over time, and many landlords want to know what they can and cant require when it comes to smoking. In this episode of Night School, we’ll review the legal requirements of a smoking ban and what landlords need to do to implement and then enforce it.


  1. Interesting but not a good use of time. You repeated yourselves many times over. While the topic was interesting there was really only about 2 minutes of content here.

  2. Would like to know how to ban smoking with tenants at will. Would I need to write up an new year lease with no-smoking terms in it or new tenant at will with no smoking in it?

    • Sherri, if you have a fixed lease (not month to month) you cannot change the terms without renewing the lease. So a new lease with a no smoking addendum would suffice, if the tenant agrees. If they do not, then changing the terms upon renewal, or finding a new tenant would be your only options.

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