Podcast 226: Getting Out of the Office

This week Steve and Eric break down some of the learnings from the National Association of Residential Property Managers conference.

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Show Notes:

00:00 – 1:52 Intro to the show. Background on the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) conference that Eric and Steve attended during the weekend.

1:53 – 3:32 Take a break from the daily grind and monotony of being a property manager or landlord. Take time for professional development.

3:33 – 5:30 The perspective of property managers talking about bad clients is very interesting. Sometimes you might have to cut a landlord from your portfolio if they are a pain to deal with. Landlords should try to be cognizant of making sure that they aren’t being difficult to work with.

5:31 – 6:30 Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) were a hot topic at the conference. A miscommunication between landlords and property managers on the subject. If you’re going to hire a property manager let them do their job; they know the laws and want to manage your property within them.

6:31 – 8:36 Give some financial freedom to property managers. Don’t make the small things like a leaky toilet something to go back and forth over. Try to set a cap.

8:37 – 9:54 How do you break up the monotony and keep things interesting? Set some meaningful time aside for yourself!

9:55 -11:58 Chip Eichelberger suggests coming into the office a little early to work on your schedule and know what you need to work on for the day. Find a balance between giving yourself some flexibility and setting goals for yourself.

11:59 – 14: 22 Try getting little nagging things when you can. Getting things taken care of can help clear up some extra space in your head.

14:23 – 15:10 Challenge to landlords: take 20 minutes this week to dedicate it to yourself this week. Something for business or something personal, it helps a ton!

15:11 – 16:02 Email rich@rent-prep any of your credit card questions or just let him know something interesting about you.

16:03 – 17:43 Try out landlord locks! They are easy to re-key and highly recommended by both hosts.

17:44 – Eric and Steve close out the show. Tune in next week!

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

National Association of Residential Property Managers – https://www.floridanarpmconference.com/

Chip Eichelberger – https://getswitchedon.com/