Podcast 219: REI Power Couple Tim & Crystal Shiner

These two investors swim upstream against the currents of cash flow rhetoric. They’re big believers in investing in appreciation and the long-term returns. They share how they approach real estate as a couple to build wealth for future generations.

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Show Notes:

0:00 – 1:00 Eric Worral opened up the podcast with two guests. Tim Shiner and wife Crystal Shiner author of the book “My wife loves Rent Houses.

1:00 – 6:39 Tim discusses about their book and it’s a reflection of their interests and opinions of rent houses.

6:40 8:40 Crystal talks about more of her career in Southwest Airlines and real estate. She also discussed about 401k and how it really works.

8:41 – 15:30 Tim and Crystal shares how they work together as a couple at the same time succeed in real estate industry.

15:31 – 22:35 Tim and Crystal discussed how their system works and how they organize their projects.

22:36 – 27:50 Crystal shares more about how the book covers male and female perspective which is very great for everyone who is reading it.

27:51 – 29:30 You can check their book in Amazon and their website at https://www.timshiner.com/.

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  1. Hello I have had the same tenants for 8 yr’s. always have paid , not allway’s on time. for the most part been good. I have been month to month with them after I moved and forgot to renew the lease in 2016.my issue is, now the girl is not paying her side of rent because of a car issue. do I have any recource to evict them or get my money?
    thank you

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