Podcast 212: Are Coastal Properties in Jeopardy?

This week we discuss receding coastlines, how much the average real estate agent made in 2017, a new eviction court ruling, and a crazy landlord voicemail.

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Show Notes:

00:00 – 2:00 Eric Worral introduces the podcast and points to be discussed in today’s podcast.

2:12 – 3:04 Eric discusses Earth Class Mail and how it works for your business. He also provided a promo code that you can use to get a discount when you subscribe to Earth Class Mail.

3:05 – 3:46 Steve explains how you can get your documents into digital formats easily with Earth Class Mail.

3:47 – 5:33 News Segment; Union of Concerned Scientists: Eric talks about a news on how the sea levels are rising and a lot of coastal properties are in danger.

5:34 – 7:00 Steve talks about the people who live near active volcanoes and how it is the same with coastal properties.

7:01 – 9:18 Eric explains how the change in sea levels affects thousands of homes and real estate properties, and what you can do about your properties.

9:19 – 14:55 thestreet.com courtesy by Scott Van Voorhis: Eric and Steve share their opinions about the article how much the real estate agent makes?

14:56 – 16:34 newsobserver.com courtesy by Dan Kane: It’s landlords vs. tenants in eviction fee battle. Here’s whose side lawmakers are on. Eric discussed the article and mentioned that in March, a state Superior Court judge ruled that an apartment owner wasn’t entitled to collect $191 in such eviction fees from a Raleigh tenant who paid the back rent and fees and wasn’t evicted from the apartment. That ruling shocked apartment owners across the state, who had been applying the fees for several years.

16:35 -19:42 Steve explains further on what should be the process if a tenant gets evicted, and the differences between evictions that has been processed and eviction filings.

19:43 – 24:10 Landlord Hotline – Call at 716- 218-0363. A landlord called in about the nightmare that he created especially when he let the rent slide for 10 months. Eric and Steve shared their opinion about the landlord’s situation and gave options on how you can avoid this.

24:10 – 26:46 Eric made a shout out to Shawn Johnson a property manager that he had an interview with. He also discussed how you can avail volume pricing for 100 units and more.

26:47 Eric and Steve advised to stay away from coastlines and meth, and closes out the episode.

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