Landlord Court Episode 1: Security Deposit Pudding

Going to court is stressful and that’s why we want to share details of court cases so you have the knowledge ahead of time so you don’t end up in court like these landlords.

Here’s the details of today’s case:

  • Judge Rudy Fortune
  • Plaintiff Edward Cullen, a landlord in Kentucky
  • Defendant Jake Hombry, a tenant in Kentucky

Edward is suing Jake for damages of $1,048 dollars that exceeded the $1,000 security deposit.

Listen in to hear how this case unfolds.

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Click here to read more on security deposit funds and different state laws.


  1. I enjoyed your first in the series of RentPrep court. It was very full of useable content and lessons to learn. It definitely brings the message home!

    • Hey Theresa,

      Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot to us. We just finished a second episode yesterday so keep an ear out for “Cutting Corners” in Texas coming your way. Thanks again for the feedback.

      – Eric

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