Podcast 161: 10 questions to ask a property manager

Andrew Schultz is a property manager in Buffalo, NY and he shares a document with every potential client that covers the 10 questions you should ask a property manager before hiring them. He currently manages around 100 doors and in this episode he shares a wealth of knowledge on what differentiates one PM from another.

You can access this document in the files section of our Facebook group. Just request to join and answer our three screening questions.

Discussions in this episode:

Intro – Andrew Schultz and Realty Edge
1:30 – Picking a property manager’s brain
3:20 – It’s a business even if you own one rental
4:20 – #1 What certifications do you have as a property manager?
6:30 – #2 How many properties are you managing and what types are they?
7:30 – #3 What is your fee structure
10:10 – #4 How do you send reports and can I see a sample?
12:20 – #5 How are your tenants screened?
14:20 – #6 Who handles the maintenance work?
17:00 – What do you say to someone who says you profit from “church & burn”
18:00 – #7 How is rent collected?
19:00 – #8 Can I see sample documents that you use?
20:05 – #9 How long is the management agreement for?
22:00 – Understand what you’re getting into
23:50 – #10 Do you have references?
27:00 – Calling references
29:00 – Join the Facebook group!

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