160 flipping perspective rent well

Joan Mershon teaches classes for renters at RentWell.org

She has an interesting perspective in that she helps to educate renters on how to get a rental and knowing their rights.

We connected with Joan in our Facebook group.

Discussions in this episode:

Intro – Joan talks about the 5%
1:30 – How did Rent Well come to be?
3:00 – Portland housing crisis
5:11 – How to improve communication between landlords and renters
9:30 – A renter’s portfolio
14:00 – Renters should keep track of move-in checklist as well
15:10 – Blanket criminal policies?
19:00 – First Come First Served Screening
20:00 – AirbnbWhileBlack
22:00 – Woman walking through NYC for 10 hours
23:30 – Resident on resident harassment
28:00 – Thanking Joan for her time and a link to Lifeability.net

A video of a woman walking through NYC for 10 hours.

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