Podcast 159: Rental Tips with Lee McEachern

Lee manages over 250 rental properties and shares his tips on using Google Voice and how he handles the rental application process.

Learn how he was able to defend a Fair Housing claim using Google Voice.

Lee was a listener on the podcast who connected with us in our Facebook group.

Discussions in this episode:

Intro –
1:30 – Lee talks about how he got started with property management
2:00 – Tenants are getting savvy
3:45 – Using Google Voice to manage phone calls
4:30 – Defensing a discrimination complaint
5:00 – Rental Application process
6:10 – Create a system that maps interactions with applicants
6:45 – Testers for Fair Housing?
8:40 – How do you schedule appointments?
11:56 – Next point of communication?
12:50 – Screening Document For Accepting Applications
Closing – Join the discussion

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Here’s a copy of the Rental Requirements Lee uses during his rental process.