Podcast 158: Landlord guide to service animals and emotional support animals

Give a listen as we discuss Service Animals on this episode.

Discussions in this episode:

Intro –
1:00 – Mini-horse?
2:00 – Tenants are getting savvy
2:48 – Emotional support animals can be a wide variety of animals
4:30 – Don’t make this mistake
6:30 – Don’t ask questions about their disability
7:40 – A crude example
10:00 – Is there a nexus?
11:00 – Very specific situations may require a lawyer
12:56 – Have a tenant screening criteria
14:00 – No fat dogs!
15:30 – Document the situation
16:48 – Do your homework, tread lightly, and don’t make accusations
17:10 – Put on your best poker face
Closing – Difference between ESA and Guide Animal

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