Podcast 153: Insights from Dan Lane of the Rental Income Podcast


Dan Lane has interviewed over 100 landlords on his podcast called the Rental Income Podcast. He agreed to join us for an episode on our podcast and share his top 10 landlord tips he’s learned from interviewing over a 100 landlords on his podcast.

We got to talk to Dan off of the podcast and he’s the real deal. It’s easy

Discussions in this episode:

Intro – Dan Lane is on the podcast!
4:00 – 1st Tip is to have systems in place
6:30 – 2nd Tip is to figure out if you’re hands on or hands off
8:27 – 3rd Tip is that it is ok to fail
10:30 – 4th Tip is to know your numbers
13:00 – 5th Tip is to be the manager, not the owner
16:00 – 6th Tip is to collect rent electronically
17:40 – 7th Tip is to confirm showings
20:00 – 8th Tip is to pre-screen before showings
24:15 – 9th Tip is to know your laws
26:45 – 10 Tip is to talk to an attorney

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