Podcast 152: SmartMove Background Checks Have Arrived at RentPrep

For over 10 years we’ve hand-compiled each and every renter background check for our clients and have included a pass/fail credit check as an available add-on. Now we’re pleased to announce we are offering SmartMove background checks for landlords as well.

The main reason we’re doing this is because some landlords prefer to see the full credit report as opposed to viewing a custom background report.

Which service is better?

Well… the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have written extensively on the differences between the two products in our SmartMove, formerly known as SmartMove, review post.

Check out the show notes below and listen in as we discuss everything you should known about the SmartMove product.


Discussions in this episode:

Intro – Cheesy opener 🙂
2:00 – SmartMove & Experian Connect white labeled
3:00 – Steve talks about cars and Eric pretends he understands
5:00 – Serving more landlords with tenant screening
7:00 – More than one way to skin a cat (Steve likes animals, don’t worry)
8:00 – Categorize the issue (concern or influence)
9:30 – Tenant involvement with “out of wallet questions”
14:00 – States adopting “pay-to-play”
16:30 – When does it make sense to use SmartMove?
18:00 – The reasons people start screening
20:00 – An eviction happens every __ seconds

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