20 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Tenants

Whether you want to thank your tenants for taking care of your property, or are simply filled with the spirit of the season, giving Christmas gifts to tenants can be a lovely gesture. It’s a nice way to build goodwill and hopefully encourage longer tenancies. However, deciding on exactly what to give tenants can become overwhelming and expensive.
As a landlord, you want to strike just the right tone between business and personal, while keeping things affordable. Keep the gifts non-personal and strictly professional–essentially a nice gesture between business associates.
Here is our list of Christmas gift ideas for tenants grouped for both simple and moderate budgets.

10 Simple Gift Ideas for Tenants

  1. Calendar
  2. Sports water bottle
  3. Stationary set
  4. First aid kit
  5. Container of gourmet food, like chocolates, popcorn or candies*
  6. Mugs with a bag of coffee, hot chocolate or hot cider
  7. Bottle of windshield de-icer and ice scraper
  8. Loaf of fresh bakery bread and bottle of local honey
  9. Decorative glass jar full of candy
  10. Muffin mix with muffin tin

10 Moderate Gift Ideas for Tenants

  1. Potted plant
  2. Movie tickets
  3. Sporting event tickets
  4. Gourmet food basket
  5. 72-hour emergency kit
  6. Holiday flower arrangement
  7. Reusable canvas bag filled with treats
  8. Bottle of wine or champagne
  9. Fleece throws or blankets
  10. Welcome mat*

Of course, gift cards enclosed in a greeting card may be the most appreciated gift of all and you can tailor the amount on the gift card for each tenant to best fit your budget. Consider gift cards to Amazon as a safe gift everyone would appreciate.
What are you giving your tenants this year? Please share this article and let us know your thoughtful and affordable gift ideas for tenants in the comments below!

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