Legal Advice For Rental Property Owners

In these videos Mark J. Kohler is talking about legal advice for rental property owners so you can protect your investments. He runs through both short and long-term strategies you can use to make sure your business is setup correctly.

We talked with Mark on episode #180 of our podcast and we chatted about the common issues that landlords run into when setting up an LLC to protect their rentals. That podcast is a great precursor to the content you’ll see below.

Mark agreed to share more of his resources on legal and tax strategies. Enjoy the wealth of knowledge Mark is about to share with you.

legal advice for rental property owners

Do I need an LLC for my rental property?

If you ask 10 landlords their opinions on LLCs you’ll probably get 10 different answers. In this video Mark breaks down everything you should know when it comes to setting up an LLC to protect your rental investments.

LLCs are put in place so that you can create a line of protection between your investments and your personal assets.

Just one bad accident could put your entire portfolio at risk. Watch this video to learn more on how LLCs can protect your portfolio.

Multi-Entity Structure Strategies

This video is great for when you plan to expand and build your business.

Mark will divide your life into operations and assets and show how to revolve your strategy around an S-corp.

This strategy will allow you to properly protect your assets but take advantage of the tax benefits of an S-corp.

Watch the video to learn about the four quadrants of LLCs and what strategy works best for your situation.

TLL Multi-Entity Structuring Strategies from Mark Kohler on Vimeo

Inside/Outside Liability Protection

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to asset protection. In this video Mark discusses how an LLC protects you from inside liability.

However, only some states offer outside protection with your LLC.

Listen in as Mark compares LLCs vs. Limited Partnerships and how the tax benefits differ. He explains why he sets up a parent company in Wyoming and how this strategy works.

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