automate rental requests

This week we’re focusing in on how to automate the prescreening process with tenant applicants.

This is the third chapter of our “Tori vs. Harry” series that shows the path of two landlords through their tenant screening process.

Now we will discuss how to automate the prescreening process.

This will include automated emails to rental requests and calendar synching with appointment reminders.

It can be quite frustrating when you post your rental listing and you get replies that seem like they never read your listing.

In your listing we always suggest that you include the following:

  • Rent amount
  • Your pet policy
  • Your smoking policy
  • If you run a background check

Those four items will help the potential applicant identify if they’re a fit for your rental or not. You’re not sharing too much of your screening criteria but enough to knock off applicants that are not a good fit.

Two-Step Criteria Verification For Pre-screening

It’s probably happened to you where you list your rental including your criteria and you get an email that says, “How much is the rent?”

Clearly this person didn’t read your listing if they don’t know how much the rent is.

More common is the person who just looks at pictures and the rent amount but doesn’t realize you have a “no pet policy” and these types of calls are a waste of everyone’s time.

We want to create a buffer between you and applicants who waste your time. In the video below I’ll show you how to setup canned responses that will put your criteria front and center with your applicant for a second time and also share a link for them to choose a time to chat over the phone. is free to use along with canned responses in Gmail.

Hopefully this video will help you create an automated step between you and your applicants that will reduce phone tag and unnecessary criteria questions.