New Client Area for RentPrep Users

We’re excited to announce that as of January 31st, 2019 our new Client Area has been launched for RentPrep clients. You may also notice a new (and evolving) look for our website as well.

We’ve been busy working on these updates behind the scenes over the past 13 months.

You can access the new Client Area anytime by clicking “Log In” in the navigation above or clicking this link.

Here’s a screenshot of what the new Client Area looks like.

RentPrep platform

*You can still access the old dashboard to view old reports by clicking on the “Go to Old Client Area” in the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side.

You’ll notice the available options are now listed on the left-hand side of the screen (on Desktop).

The “How To Order” page listed on the Dashboard will show you how to navigate the new platform.

Changes to RentPrep Core Packages

The biggest difference with the new platform (beyond design) is how the screening packages are offered.

If you ordered with us in the past, you may be familiar with Basic, Pro, and Platinum RentPrep Reports.

These have been simplified in the ordering process to start with a Basic package and then you have the choice to add additional searches (Criminal and Phone Call Verifications).

If you add the Criminal Searches to a Basic it’s the same as the “Pro Package” and if you add both Criminal and Phone Call Verifications it’s the same as a “Platinum Package.”

Our Marketing Director put together this video to show you how these changes look in our new platform.

Changes to SmartMove Orders

The biggest changes to our SmartMove reports are the ability to add additional searches.

This image below shows the “Add-ons” step in the SmartMove ordering process provided by RentPrep.

Judgments and Liens on SmartMove reports

In the image above we have highlighted the “Judgement/Lien Search” add-on for $4.95.

As of July 1st, 2017 Judgments and Liens were removed from Credit Reports including SmartMove reports.

That means if your tenant applicant has a tax lien placed on them it won’t show up in your report. A tenant that doesn’t pay their taxes most likely won’t be paying their rent on time either. You’ll also be able to see any Judgments placed on the applicant that may not have appeared on the report otherwise.

The way this works on a SmartMove report (ordered through RentPrep) is that your tenant applicant will complete their part of the report first.

Once the traditional SmartMove report is completed our FCRA Certified Screeners will perform a manual Judgment and Liens search and add any reportable information we find. You will receive an email notification when your final report is completed and ready to be viewed.

Future Updates

The next project we’re working on is that we will be adding the ability to add Phone Call Verifications to your SmartMove reports. These will appear in the same add-on step you see Judgment and Liens being offered currently.

As always, you have the option to charge your tenant for the SmartMove report (and add-ons) or you can pay yourself. The choice is yours.

These will be completed after the SmartMove order is finished by the applicant and one of our FCRA Certified Screeners will call the current landlord, previous landlord, and current employer to verify information provided by your applicant.

This is a tremendous tool for landlords because you can verify income, full or part-time work status, address history, and any issues or complaints from their current and former landlords.

All of this information will be transcribed into your report by our screeners. Keep in mind, these Verifications are already available on RentPrep Background Checks.

Now that our Client Area is live we can customize our services to better suit your needs. We will be launching new updates in the coming weeks and months, such as our income verification service.

Much like many of our landlord clients, we’re a small business.

We never had angel investors or series funding to launch our business. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves 11 years ago to launch RentPrep into what it’s become today. It is the result of a lot of elbow grease and our own version of sweat equity.

Our new platform is a major turning point in our business and we look forward to making our services even better with new additions in the coming months.

Thank you for being a valued customer or considering our services in the future.

Stephen M. White
CEO, RentPrep