Spring Cleaning Tips and Maintenance for Property Owners

Even though it may still be raining where you live, it is time to begin thinking about and planning for summer. There is no better time to do so than the spring time! There are a few things that you can do as a property manager to prepare now for a smooth-running summer.

Renew Communication

Now is a great time to begin formulating a newsletter for your tenants that describes all of the things that you will be doing for them as well as what they can do to make their summers as cool and uneventful as possible. Communication is key to setting expectations about what your tenant is expected to do, so get that letter out there in the next couple of weeks.
Tenants can help you help themselves by notifying you of any maintenance issues that may best be taken care of now rather than later. Things such as leaky faucets, stuck windows, and appliances that seem to be working a little less effectively than before are key items to look for.

Preventative Maintenance

Now is also a good time to replace the batteries in smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide sensors (if needed). Of course, the spring is an ideal time to change HVAC filters—doing so now also gives you a great opportunity to verify that the air conditioning is working in each and every one of your rental units.

Stock Up On Sales

You may want to begin stocking up on critical supplies like A/C filters, light bulbs of various wattages and sizes, garbage disposals, various screws and fasteners, and other consumables like faucet aerators, water filters, shower heads, and water heater heating elements, if applicable.

Evaluate Workload

People tend to move most frequently during the spring and early summer months, so you will typically find yourself using a lot of materials and supplies during this time of year. You may also find that your preventive maintenance routine gets put on the back burner this time of year because of all the move-ins and move-outs.
Try to refrain from making that mistake. In fact, you may want to consider hiring some temporary staff, just to help keep up with all that will be going on in a few short weeks. Line up your vendors, too, so that they don’t become a sticking point in getting new tenants moved into their apartments.

Revise Budget

You will need to set your budget and calendar for more carpet cleaning appointments, painters, paint and supplies, as well as general maintenance on move-outs. There are always things you need to repair before moving a new tenant in.

Time Management

Additionally, your time will be tied up more, too, because you will be doing more inspections during this time, as well as all of the marketing to get new tenants and all that that endeavor entails: Things like interviews, background checks, more frequent deposits, more frequent and greater expenses due to all of the outside vendors you may have to bring in to get people moved out and in as fast as possible.
Obviously, planning in the early spring for all of the activity that will ensue in May and June is time well-spent. If you don’t plan soon, you may find yourself scrambling at crunch time.
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