Automated Pre-Screening Tenants Saves Time: RentPrep Guide

Updated February 2022 New landlords and those unfamiliar with the rental industry may think the tenant selection process is limited to reviewing applications and taking potential tenants on rental property tours. However, there is more to the screening process than these two steps. Many landlords automate the pre-screening process, so tenant applicants have already made…Read More


How To Use Google Voice In Your Rental Business

The majority of landlords don’t have an office with a team of people helping them manage their rental properties. They have a cellphone, email, and are the main point of contact between tenants, applicants, and former tenants. In this fourth chapter of Tori vs. Harry we’re discussing how to use Google Voice in your rental…Read More

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How To Automate The Prescreening Process With Tenant Applicants

This week we’re focusing in on how to automate the prescreening process with tenant applicants. This is the third chapter of our “Tori vs. Harry” series that shows the path of two landlords through their tenant screening process. In the first chapter we discussed how to setup a custom domain for your rentals In the…Read More

How To Create Multiple Email Aliases

How To Create Multiple Email Aliases For Your Rental Business

This week we’re talking about how to create multiple email aliases using Google. This is helpful if you’re handling leasing and management of a rental property because you can create different email aliases to use: Now you can separate and organize emails easily between tenant applicants and current tenants. This creates separation…Read More

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How To Create A Custom Email For Rental Properties

In this post we’re going to discuss how to create a custom email for rental properties. This is helpful for any landlord or property manager because it helps you look legitimate and separates your personal and work email. Introduction of “Tori vs. Harry” This is part one, of an ongoing series, that will examine how to…Read More