How To Run Credit Check On Tenant

Updated September 2022 If there’s one piece of advice that landlords need to remember above all other advice, this is what we would say: Always take enough time to properly review rental applications before you offer to rent your properties to any tenants! No matter how great a tenant might seem when you first meet…Read More

noi calculator

How To Calculate NOI: Landlord Guide By RentPrep

Whether you’re expanding your rental business or deciding which properties should be your focus moving forward, knowing how to calculate the income-producing value of your properties is essential. Landlords often use NOI calculations to help with these complex decisions. Are you familiar with NOI and the value of a good NOI calculator? NOI, also known…Read More

tenant scams

All About Common Tenant Scams Targeting Landlords

Most people think of shady landlord tactics whenever they hear the phrase “rental scams.” However, there are many different tenant scams that individuals try to use on landlords in order to live in a property for free, steal money, or otherwise take advantage of a landlord’s business. What do you know about rental scams targeting…Read More

Airbnb screening

Airbnb Screening: All About Short-Term Renting And Guests

When property owners first get started on short-term leasing sites like Airbnb, they often don’t think about reviewing guests before accepting them. They may not realize that Airbnb guest screening is something many property owners do before approving a reservation, and that this is an essential part of the process to keep your property in…Read More

Landlord’s Guide: ResidentScore Vs. Credit Score

To a landlord, a tenant’s ability to pay their agreed-upon rent on time is the most crucial piece of the rental relationship. The ultimate concern for any landlord is having to deal with a bad tenant that may potentially need to be evicted from their property, and failure to pay rent will lead to this….Read More

proof of income

What Is Proof Of Income? (And How To Get It From Applicants)

Everyone from credit card companies to landlords is now asking for proof of income from consumers and applicants, but why is this piece of information so important? What is proof of income, and how can you legally collect this personal information from prospective tenants? When landlords request proof of income, it can feel like an…Read More

fake pay stubs

How To Verify Pay Stubs: What You Should Know About Fakes

Have you ever had a rental applicant provide falsified information when filling out their rental application? Did you notice it during screening or were the lies discovered later on? Many landlords have had this experience, and some have even been tricked by fake pay stubs. Pay stubs are one of the most commonly faked documents…Read More

Using Social Media To Research A Tenant: RentPrep Guide

Updated March 2022 These days, it’s not uncommon to see signs about posting on social media when visiting public places. At the gym, for example, you may see a sign that says something like, “If you do not check in on Facebook, were you ever really here?” Does this type of social media presence extend…Read More

bankruptcy dismissed vs discharged

The Difference Between Dismissed And Discharged Bankruptcy

Updated January 2022 Thorough tenant screening is an essential part of your process as a landlord, but just going through the motions isn’t enough. You need to dig deep into what comes back on each report. For one thing, it will benefit you to know what a bankruptcy dismissed vs discharged history means. Are you…Read More

employer refuses to verify employment

What To Do When An Employer Refuses To Verify Employment

Updated January 2022 Screening tenants is one of the most critical parts of the rental process. Are you missing any important steps in your vetting process? Many landlords incorporate employment verification, but what can you do when an employer refuses to verify employment? When you decide to run a background check on a potential tenant,…Read More