tenant screening without social security number

Doing A Background Check Without SSN From Applicant: How-To

Updated August 2021 As a landlord, you might be at a loss for what to do whenever a rental applicant doesn’t provide their Social Security number (SSN). After all, choosing the right tenant for your property requires tenant screening, and it’s not possible to do tenant screening without a Social Security number, right? That’s not…Read More

Guide: How To Run A Background Check On A Potential Tenant

Updated November 2020 For landlords, following the correct protocol when screening and selecting new tenants is essential. If you’re Googling, “How to background check a potential tenant?” you’re already off to a good start. That’s because not every landlord does a background check on a prospective tenant, and skipping the background check can leave you…Read More

11 Tenant Background Check Reviews

11 Tenant Background Check Service Reviews [Definitive List for 2020]

Updated May 2020 Choosing a tenant background check service is not an easy task. Different screening options offer different levels of service, and the differences between the options that exist are not always obvious. But don’t worry; RentPrep has you covered with our tenant background check services reviews. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the…Read More

How to rent a property

How To Rent a Property: 7 Exciting Steps to Rental Success

Stepping into the world of real estate investing and rental property management is a far-off dream for many entrepreneurial people. Now that you’re ready to pursue this dream, the chances are high that you’re a bit overwhelmed by everything that there is to take care of. And that’s completely normal, but there’s no need to…Read More

How To Find Good Tenants

How To Find Good Tenants: 5 Trade Secrets

Working as a landlord is like having a never-ending list of responsibilities. From collecting rent to cleaning out properties to managing bills, the list is always growing no matter how efficiently you work. And that work only becomes more complicated when you have to deal with problems caused by unruly or disrespectful tenants. Whether it’s…Read More

previous addresses in background check

How to Interpret Background Check Address History of Applicant

When screening tenants for a rental it’s common practice to collect address history on the rental application and then compare that to the previous addresses on the background check. It’s difficult to say if an applicant will be a good renter based purely on this data… … but you can certainly spot red flags that…Read More

mississippi tenant screening services

Mississippi Tenant Screening

There’s no doubt that Mississippi tenant screening is something that landlords across the state ought to know about. Because each state has all kinds of different rules and regulations, it’s very important for landlords to figure out what laws exist so they can follow them.  From Jackson and Biloxi to Hattiesburg and Gulfport, landlords that pay…Read More

connecticut tenant screening services

Connecticut Tenant Screening

Connecticut tenant screening is an integral part of finding qualified applicants that will make the best tenants. If you are a landlord in Connecticut who is constantly struggling to figure out how to keep your properties full and find tenants who pay rent on time and in full, this article is for you. Landlords in…Read More

baltimore tenant screening services

Tenant Screening Baltimore

Because Baltimore is a bustling city with lots of opportunity, many people from across the country are choosing to live here. Major metro areas have large rental markets, and Baltimore is no different. If you are a Baltimore landlord, finding the best applicants should be a high priority. After all, the best applicants are most likely…Read More

wichita tenant screening services

Tenant Screening Wichita

Set on the banks of the Arkansas River is the city of Wichita, the largest in Kansas. It’s an industrial hub bustling with activity, which attracts a number of people seeking to live there. Landlords that own property in Wichita should be very excited about finding the best tenants to occupy the units. However, without…Read More