rta direct cabinets review

Landlord Guide: Cabinets Direct RTA Reviews With Ratings

Many landlords and property investors look for simple, affordable solutions when dealing with home renovations. Whether you’re working on a new property or remodeling one you have been renting for a while, having the right supplies at the right prices can make a huge difference in your profit margin. RTA cabinets, also known as ready-to-assemble…Read More

conventus llc review

Conventus LLC Review For Landlords (Rating and Analysis)

When you’re interested in buying more properties, renovating new flips, or otherwise expanding your rental industry, there may come a time when you need to investigate hard money loans to fund your business expansion. Traditional loan structures do not always fit the needs of an entrepreneur; non-traditional lenders can work out for many landlords and…Read More

bank prospector reviews

How Investors Use Bank Prospector To Get REOs & Notes (Review)

For many interested in real estate investing, they are constantly looking for ways to buy the right properties and notes in order to turn a good deal. Buying off-market homes, non-performing notes, and REOs that banks have been holding onto for too long can turn major profits. The problem with all of these techniques, however,…Read More

rentbits reviews

How To Decide If RentBits Is Good For Your (Landlord Advice)

When listing your rental properties online, you probably have a few specific sites that you like to send all of your listings to. Perhaps you even use a syndicate service to ensure your listings are populated on your target sites. There are, after all, many different rental listing sites available! Is adding another rental listing…Read More

profit drive reviews

Profit Drive: How This App Improves Real Estate Investing

Driving-for-dollars (also known as D4D) is a time-honored tradition in the world of real estate investing. Using this method, investors drive around target neighborhoods looking for potential properties and collecting information. They use this information to pull up records to find out if the property might be a worthwhile investment, and then they begin trying…Read More

pensco trust company reviews

Pensco Trust Company Reviews For Investment Landlords

As a smart investor, you’re looking towards the future, considering the investment options you have, and wondering if there are other ways for you to diversify your retirement and investment portfolios. Many people in your situation consider changing up their IRA (individual retirement account) management style and doing some type of IRA-directed investments, but it…Read More

landlord controlled thermostat

How To: Use Landlord Controlled Thermostats In Your Rentals

Managing utilities in your properties can be a daunting task. When the properties are rented, you need to be sure the tenants are following the lease agreement and keeping the temperatures above the minimum. When the properties are vacant, you want to be sure the property is being properly heated and cooled to prevent any…Read More

new direction ira reviews

A Landlord Guide To New Direction IRA Investing

Many people who are interested in expanding their work into the world of property management consider using a self-directed IRA (individual retirement account) to hold the property as an investment property. Becoming a landlord in this way is a bit different than becoming a landlord more directly, so it can be a complicated process to…Read More

build direct reviews

Builddirect.com Landlord Review (Analysis, Rating, & More)

When working in the rental industry, you’re going to be doing improvements to your properties from time to time. Sometimes, you’ll hire contractors, and they’ll handle everything from plans to ordering materials to installation. At other times, you’ll rely on yourself and your own team of contractors to do the installations. Many landlords love this…Read More

hemlane reviews

Hemlane Reviews For Landlords: Tool Uses, Tips, And More

As a landlord, there are many different tools at your disposal. From paperwork templates that some banks offer to online management systems that you might consider purchasing access to, there are hundreds of ways that you could systemize and change your workflow. The problem isn’t whether or not these tools exist; the problem lies in…Read More