rental property management fees

What Are Typical Rental Property Management Costs And Fees?

Updated June 2021 Owners of expansive investment property often struggle to find enough time each day to run their business. From collecting rent to finding ways to increase their rental income, there are many pieces to juggle when working in the rental industry. Investing in rental property management fees rather than extra-long nights is a…Read More

hiring independent contractors

How To: Hiring Independent Contractors As Property Managers

Updated April 2021 In any business, hiring and managing employees can be a difficult and challenging process. It can also become a legal and bookkeeping nightmare and cost a lot in terms of bureaucracy and record-keeping. As an alternative, hiring independent contractors in the rental industry is common practice. Landlords bring these individuals on as…Read More

damage wear tear security deposit

Landlord Guide: What Is Considered Normal Wear And Tear?

Updated February 2021 When tenants move out of your property, the property is not going to look exactly as it did when they first moved in. When considering both damage and wear and tear, the security deposit returns to the tenant may be affected. Why is that? The law allows landlords to deduct portions of…Read More

Negotiate lower rent

What To Do When Your Tenant Wants To Negotiate Lower Rent

Updated November 2020 New landlords don’t often prepare for this occurrence, but sometimes, tenants will ask to lower the rent. It happens more often than you think — the lease expires in the next month or two and an excellent tenant leaves you a message about possibly renewing. However, they want to negotiate a lower…Read More

covid-19 letter to tenants

COVID-19 Letter To Tenants

Download Your Editable COVID-19 Tenant Letter (Free) Dear residents, Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, management felt that it would be appropriate to give you some guidance as well as outline what precautions we are taking to reduce the risk for our tenants. At this time, we are taking the following steps: The cleaning schedule…Read More

tenant management company services

How Property Management Companies Help Find Tenants

As full-time landlords gain momentum, they often realize they could use a few extra hands to keep things organized. Some part-time landlords that have other work to focus on come to the same realization when they cannot put as much time as they would like into certain aspects of their landlord job. Are you finding…Read More

property management business plan

How To Create A Business Plan For Property Management (Guide)

Welcome to the world of property management. Perhaps you’ve already been acting as a landlord to one property for a few months or years now, and you’re ready to expand. Maybe you haven’t actually bought any property yet, but you’ve been itching to be able to call yourself a landlord. Regardless of how you ended…Read More

How property management is changing and how to succeed

Succeeding In A Changing Property Management Market (Guide)

As the world changes, the tactics that you use in your business need to change, too. Every year there are new rules, technologies, and trends to follow if you want to find success in the rental market industry. While some old techniques will prove to be tried-and-true, analyzing your business for potential improvements is always…Read More

what do you need to do when you change property management companies

What Landlords Must Do When Changing Property Management

Once you get into the habit of doing things a certain way, its easiest to just keep doing that same thing. We’re all creatures of habit, and the same can often be said about landlords working in the rental industry. Landlords might not even realize when to change property managers because the work they are…Read More

is a rental property considered a business

Is A Rental Property Considered A Business? What You Need To Know

If you’re a landlord that rents out a single-family home, a large apartment building, or even business space, you’ve likely wondered if your rental property is considered a business come tax time. It’s important to know that there are two classifications when it comes to rental property and taxes. You need to know this information…Read More