RentPrep Podcast #352

Co-Signers On Rental Property Leases 101 (Podcast #352)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, co-signers on lease. What happens if you have a couple or a group of family members that are applying to rent your property? Here’s how to handle co-signers for your rentals. Sometimes, tenants can really start to put a damper in your day with their constant complaints. So, how do you…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #351

Tenant’s Guests: Where To Draw The Line (Podcast #351)

Whether it’s a tenant who has a guest over every single day since they moved in or are hoping to have some friends over for a party. Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, discusses where and when you should draw the line when it comes to your tenant’s guests. Spring is here! Are your rental property lawns…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #350

Renters Insurance: Should You Require It? (Podcast #350)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about renters insurance. Although it’s often not required, it may still be a good investment for those that are on the leary side of renting. Contacting former landlords, is it legal and should you consider it when renting out your property to new tenants? Find out in this week’s cast….Read More

RentPrep Podcast #349

Rental Property With Criminal History (Podcast #349)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about divulging information about a rental property’s criminal history. Do you have to tell tenants that the property has a bit of a past? Find out if “rent discounts” are a thing in 2021 and suggestions on how and when to implement them for your best tenants. Last, but not…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #348

Subleasing: When Tenants Break The Rules (Podcast #348)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about tenants who violate the subleasing terms set out in their contract and how to best handle the situation. Tax season is here! Have you received a W9 request from your tenant’s employer? If so, you’re not alone. Find out what to do when you’re asked for this information. Last,…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #347

Rental Applicant w/ Federal Tax Liens (Podcast #347)

What should you do when you find an old federal tax lien on a rental applicant’s credit check, but it’s been over 20 years since the lien first appeared? Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, explores this particular situation in this latest episode. Plus, Andrew will go over the very basics of how to start the process…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #346

Coin-Operated Laundry In Rentals (Podcast #346)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, explores the idea of coin-operated laundry machines in rentals. Is it a good idea? Would it turn a better profit? Also in this episode, what happens when you’re trying to do renovations on a multi-unit property, but it’s disrupting your tenant’s sleep schedule? Last, but not least, what do you do…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #345

How To Break Up With Your Tenants (Podcast #345)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, discusses how to break up with your difficult tenants, including a discussion around strategies like cash for keys and evictions. Also in this episode, Andrew chats about owning a rental property with HOA management. Is it a good idea? Last, but not least, the latest on California’s pledge to cover 80%…Read More

RentPrep Podcast #344

Move-In & Move-Out Inspections (Podcast #344)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about screening and leasing to couples. Should you just put one person on the lease? What if one applicant’s tenant score is significantly higher than the other applicant? Also in this episode, Andrew discusses the definition of “normal wear and tear,” and how to make it clear to tenants what…Read More

rentals and cannabis

Cannabis In Rentals: Where’s The Line? (Podcast #343)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about cannabis in rentals. Is there a line that you can draw despite it being legal in some states? Also in this episode, Andrew discusses a story of tenants who overpaid for more than a year and never realized it. Last, but not least, how do you handle tenants who…Read More