Giving Gifts To Tenants For Holidays (Podcast #341)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, dives into holiday gift-giving for tenants. Is it appropriate to give your tenant a gift and if so, what are popular gifts to give? Also in this episode, Andrew discusses the importance of something as simple as a shower curtain and how that plays into renters insurance. Last, but not least,…Read More

Renting Out Gym Equipment To Tenants (Podcast #340)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over renting out gym equipment to tenants, liabilities to consider and whether or not it’s a good idea. Also in this episode, Andrew discusses how to deal with contractors that decide to do work before ever having authorization to do so. Last, but not least, have you heard about tenants…Read More

The 2020 Election’s Impact On Real Estate (Podcast #339)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over what passed at the state level for real estate investors as a result of the 2020 election. Also in this episode, Andrew discusses how long to keep old tenant files before discarding them. Should you keep old tenant files forever? Next, what happens when a tenant signs their lease…Read More

COVID-19 Spikes Rental Fraud (Podcast #338)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over the latest trend to hit the rental market; fraudulent rental applications. Due to COVID-19, the industry has seen an enormous spike in faulty paychecks, identity theft and more. Also in this episode, Andrew discusses how to handle tenants who are complaining about noise in a multi-family home. Can the…Read More

Rodent Responsibility: Landlord or Tenant? (Podcast #337)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, chats about rodent control on rental property. Who is responsible, landlords or tenants? We’ll also discuss sharing home equity with a tenant. Is it a good or bad idea? What other options are there besides sharing equity in a rental property? Last, but not least, we’ll discuss utilities for rental properties….Read More

Questions To Ask Potential Renters (Podcast #336)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over essential questions to ask potential tenants and the top red flags to look for when screening renters. Andrew also discusses a new ruling in Portland, Oregon that states landlords must now pay their tenants’ relocation costs if those tenants can’t afford the rent increases they’re imposing. Last, but not…Read More

Rental Property During COVID-19 (Podcast #335)

Podcast Host and Property Manager, Andrew Schultz, goes into detail about tenants who refuse to sign a release form to show and sell your rental property. Plus, the best tips on how to handle tenants with little to no credit history, and a heartwarming story of a tenant who painted a mural for a landlord…Read More

Can A Tenant Remodel Without Permission? (Podcast #334)

Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over how to manage tenants who remodel your rental property without your permission. Are they allowed to do so and do you have to pay for the property renovation? Also in this episode, we’ll discuss an ongoing email scam that landlords should be made aware of. Plus, we’ll chat about…Read More

Section 8 Housing Vouchers (Podcast #333)

In this podcast, we’ll go over Section 8 vouchers, how they are used in the rental industry and the rules behind accepting them. We’ll also discuss how to deal with neighbors who are not fans of your tenants and compensating tenants while repairs or renovations are taking place on their apartment. Should you pay tenants…Read More

Best Practices For Inheriting Tenants (Podcast #332)

Inheriting tenants can either be the best thing ever or a nightmare. Podcast Host, Andrew Schultz, goes over the best practices for inheriting tenants, including whether or not you should keep the tenants and how to handle their leases. Also in this episode, we’ll discuss tenants who vacate the property but forget about everything in…Read More