RentPrep Community Initiatives

2018 Community Initiatives 6/23/18 – Ride For Roswell Eric Worral and Rich Fronczak (RentPrep Marketing Director & Business Development Manager respectively) will be riding in the Ride for Roswell. They will be riding the 65-mile route as Team RentPrep. All funds raised will go towards cancer research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Feel free to…Read More

Ep. 093: In the News: Real Life Lessons for Landlords

Join Stephen White, Jeff Pearson and Jennifer Maughan as they review the latest landlord tenant news stories from across the country and discuss the lessons landlords can learn. In this episode, the group talks about how young, professional singles are affecting the housing and rental market nationwide, plus one savvy city that is bringing landlords and police together to…Read More

New Hampshire Tackles Bed Bug Infestations With New Law

Bed bug infestations in rental units are an itchy, crawling nightmare for landlords and tenants alike.  The bed bug’s preferred meal is human blood, and bed bugs are particularly well-adapted for getting it. They thrive at temperatures near seventy degrees, they’re nocturnal, and they can hide in even the smallest cracks. Their immunity to most…Read More