California landlord-tenant law utilities

Utility Laws In California (RentPrep Guide For Landlords)

While landlords are required to provide access to utilities at their rental properties, are they also required to cover the cost of those utilities? Now, you don’t have to pay for utilities for your tenants, but you do have to follow the terms of California landlord-tenant laws on utilities when renting in the state. There…Read More

california abandoned property law

When Is Property Considered Abandoned In California? (Landlord Guide)

Most new landlords think that the most stressful part of their job is going to be dealing with trying eviction cases. In reality, however, other challenging issues may be even more frustrating. One example is abandoned property, and all landlords should be familiar with California abandoned property law if they’re renting housing in the state….Read More

landlord llc

LLC For Rental Property Management: Does It Make Sense?

Updated November 2021 Landlords both new and experienced often come to the same point in their career. That is the point when they start to wonder whether or not they should create a landlord LLC (Limited Liability Company) to better manage their rental property. Most landlords in the rental industry get curious about LLCs because…Read More

long bankruptcy reportable consumer report

Guide: How Long Can Bankruptcy Information Be Reported?

Updated August 2021 A comprehensive credit and financial history is a key component of every tenant screening report. But how long is bankruptcy reportable on these consumer reports? Due to how closely linked bankruptcy, credit, and debt are, they are all considered public records and are included on consumer credit reports. However, not all bankruptcies…Read More

holdover tenant

Tenant Won’t Leave After Lease: A Landlord Action Guide

Updated July 2021 Keeping tenants on regular leases is the preference of experienced landlords, but sometimes, you end up with a holdover tenant that stays at the property beyond the official tenancy period. How can this precarious situation end up affecting your business long term? There are potential positive and negative outcomes of this situation,…Read More

security deposit mistakes

How To: Avoid 4 Common Landlord Security Deposit Mistakes

Updated July 2021 Collecting security deposits from tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. However, handling security deposits is one of the most rule-specific responsibilities of a landlord’s financial world. If you make one of many potential security deposit mistakes, you could be on the hook for big fines or penalties. Every state…Read More

hiring landlord–tenant attorney

How To Hire A Landlord–Tenant Attorney (And When To Do So)

Updated July 2021 Landlords often invest time and money into finding the best team of property managers, carpenters, and other skilled professionals to work with. Though they might not always realize it, landlords should also put the same energy into hiring a landlord–tenant attorney. A rental attorney intimately familiar with landlord–tenant law in your state…Read More

landlords sue defamation tenant complaints

Guide: What To Do When A Tenant Complains About You Online

Updated March 2021 The rise of social media has made it easier than ever for tenants to broadcast their opinions about a landlord or property management company – and it has made it harder than ever for landlords to scrub negative opinions or outright falsehoods connected to their names. Should landlords sue for defamation over…Read More

FAQ: Can A Tenant Change The Locks Without Permission?

If a tenant changed the locks without permission on the rental property once they move in, is that okay? Or is this against proper rental regulation? Think about it this way. When a tenant is living in one of your rental priorities, they take over many of the rights associated with property ownership. If the…Read More

tenant using illegal drugs

Landlord FAQ: Can I Evict A Tenant For Illegal Activity?

No matter how carefully you select your tenants, there is always a chance your tenant is going to end up on the wrong path. In cases where a tenant is using illegal drugs at the property, you’ll be left wondering what to do next. Can I evict a tenant for illegal activity? Is there a…Read More