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Does Everyone Living in an Apartment Have to Be on the Lease?

Does everyone living in an apartment have to be on the lease? … … well, this depends. Is the person over 18, are they a minor, what does the lease say? This question is asked a fair amount in our Facebook Group and it can get confusing with the different variables including age, state laws,…Read More

month to month or year long lease

Benefits of Month to Month Lease for Landlord

The lease agreement is the legal contract between tenant and landlord. There can be many variations within it as long as they comply with state and local law. One thing that landlords can control is whether it is a month to month or year-long lease. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing a month to…Read More

best lease agreement for landlords

Best Lease Agreement For Landlords

Experienced landlords know that the best way to make a profit is to rent to good tenants who want to stay a long time in their rental property. Frequent turnovers mean increased costs, so it is in a landlord’s best interest to put tenants into as long of a lease as possible. But what kind…Read More

How Big Can the Security Deposit Be?

How much do you charge each tenant as a security deposit?  How much can you charge according to state law? Nearly every landlord knows the answer to the first question, but fewer know the answer to the second one.  While you’re not required to charge the maximum security deposit allowed by law, you are prohibited…Read More

Can landlords change rules mid lease

Can Landlords Change the Rules in Mid-Lease?

In the spring of 2014, a news story about a landlord in California garnered a lot of attention. The landlords had sent his tenants a notice that said each tenant needed to prove that their income was at or above a certain amount and have a certain credit score or else they would have to…Read More

Can Landlords Require Tenants to Provide Proof of Renters Insurance?

Theft, vandalism, smoke, water or fire—all these can cause damage to a tenant’s personal property. Does the law allow landlords to require tenants to get renters insurance? Renter’s insurance is a specific type of policy that covers theft and damage to a tenant’s personal property. It differs from your property insurance, which covers damage and…Read More

Tips on Renting to Students

If your rental property is located near a college, university or trade school, consider renting to students. Setting up a lease agreement for students is different than a typical lease for families or single professionals. Create a lease that caters to a college student’s unique requirements and housing needs, yet protects you against financial loss…Read More

How to Add a Tenant to an Existing Lease Agreement

A signed rental lease agreement is very specific about who’s allowed to live in the rental property. So what happens when your tenant wants someone to move in? The adults named on a lease agreement are legally responsible for the property—from rent and utilities to security deposits and damages. The lease agreement is designed to…Read More

Does a Month to Month Rental Agreement Make Sense When Lease Expires?

One of my favorite questions to ask potential tenants is how long they’d like to sign a lease for.  This gives me insight into whether they’d be willing to sign an extended lease or if they’re just looking for something temporary, such as signing a month to month rental agreement.  High turnover can be a…Read More

Is a 2 Year Rental Lease Agreement Better for the Landlord or Renter?

Tenant vacancy is always a huge issue for property owners. Some landlords assume anywhere up to 10 or 20% of monthly rent for vacancies while others are less conservative. But no matter what number you use, there will always be at least a few days of downtime in-between tenants. Even in the most desirable areas,…Read More