can landlords change rules mid lease

Landlord Workshop: Can A Landlord Change A Lease Agreement?

Updated June 2021 As a landlord, you might want to change the lease rules that you have in place, to better reflect the needs of your business. Can landlords change rules mid lease, or is this illegal? It’s essential that you understand when you can and when you cannot make changes to the rental agreement…Read More

landlords disclose previous death

Guide: Do Landlords Have To Disclose A Death In The House?

Updated May 2021 Did you know that there are certain laws about how and when landlords must disclose a previous death in a rental property? Unlike other types of disclosures, death disclosures are not frequently discussed. Most landlords and property managers know about landlord disclosures when it comes to information about things like lead paint…Read More

The Benefits Of Using A Month-To-Month Lease (For Landlords)

Updated December 2020 While all landlords know having a solid lease agreement in place is key to good business, they might not always know what the right type of lease agreement is! The lease agreement is the legal contract between tenant and landlord. There can be many variations within it as long as they comply…Read More

What Happens If A Tenant Breaks Their Lease And Moves Out?

Updated October 2020 As a landlord, you spend a lot of time screening tenants, choosing the right fit, setting up a lease agreement, and getting them moved into the property. From there, you expect to proceed through the entire lease agreement before you have to repeat the process again, but that’s not always what happens….Read More

notice of ending a one year lease

Lease Renewal Notices: Letters For Landlords And Tenants

Updated September 2021 When a lease ends, you have the right to decide whether or not you want to renew the lease with the tenant. Some states and cities may put restrictions on how you make this decision, but it is generally up to you to determine if renewing the lease, signing a new lease…Read More

Tenant Breaks Lease Before Moving In

What Happens If A Tenant Breaks The Lease Before Moving In?

Updated August 2021 So, you recently signed a new rental agreement with a tenant that is perfect for your rental. Days after signing the lease, the tenant breaks the lease before moving in. When a tenant changes their mind about renting from you, how does that affect a landlord, a tenant, and the overall business…Read More

renting out a room

Complete Guide To Legally Renting Out Rooms In Your House

Updated May 2020 Most people think of landlords and tenants living in separate spaces, but what about when you decide to rent out a room in your home? When you do this, you become a landlord just as surely as if you owned another building that you would be renting out completely. Still, the rules…Read More

how long can a tenant stay after the lease expires

The 5 Most Common Issues Landlords Face After A Tenant Moves Out

It can be difficult to handle tenants on the best days, so when it comes to the worst times, you’re probably desperate and frantic for any advice. We completely understand, which is why we took the time to compile the most frequently heard complaints landlords have when it comes to tenants moving out of a…Read More

do landlords have to accept section 8

Is Section 8 Good For Landlords? A Simple Benefits Guide

Sometimes, you’ll meet a potential tenant that you really like, but they just can’t afford the rent at your property so you have to let their application pass by. In the right situation, however, tenants that have hit hard times will have a Section 8 housing voucher they can use to rent approved properties. When…Read More

The Difference Between Lease and Rent: Is It The Same?

In the worlds of real estate, rentals, and property management, there are a lot of different keywords that you will want to have an understanding of to get your work done efficiently and accurately. Some of these words, like subletting, are very specific. Others are less specific and can be easily confused. One thing that…Read More