swimming pool addendum

How To Write A Swimming Pool Lease Addendum (Landlord Guide)

Renting out a property with pool perks can be easier than renting out similar properties without that kind of luxury amenity. Depending on where you are located, having access to a pool might be a large part of the reason why tenants choose your property over someone else’s. With pool power, however, comes pool responsibility!…Read More

satellite or cable tv addendum

How To Write A Satellite Or Cable TV Addendum (Sample Form)

Sometimes, landlords let their lack-luster leases get the better of them. Without having certain things clarified in writing between themselves and their tenants, simple disagreements can become big problems all because of miscommunication. As you get more landlord experience, those are the situations you’ll learn to avoid. To deal with this situation and protect your…Read More

condition of premises addendum

What You Should Know About Condition of Premises Addendums

There are a lot of things to keep track of when you finish choosing a tenant and they’re getting ready to move into the property. Among other things, you need to be sure that you do a thorough check of the property with the tenant when they are moving in to ensure that you are…Read More

co-signer addendum

How To Use A Co-signer Agreement (And Why Landlords Use Them)

Not every potential renter has the financial record that you had hoped they would have. Sometimes, great people don’t have a strong enough monetary background to make you feel confident in renting to them. Does this mean that you have to turn them away? The decision to rent to them or not is ultimately up…Read More

winter checklist

Getting The House Ready For Winter (Winter Checklist Sample)

With each passing season, your property goes through different types of environmental stress. Many homeowners know that they need to check their gutters and furnace performance as the seasons change into fall and then winter, but renters might not be familiar with the best practices for keeping properties in tip-top shape. When seasonal pressure causes…Read More

partial payment agreement

What Is A Partial Payment Agreement? Sample For Landlords

Every landlord has heard this statement before: “Never accept partial payments, or you won’t be able to get your property back or any money in court if you need to evict the tenant.” While this is a widely held belief, is it true that you can never accept partial payments? The truth is more like…Read More

violation of rental maintenance

Rental Maintenance Issues: Dealing With Violations (Form)

As a property owner, it is natural for you to feel a lot of pride in the condition of each of your properties. Even if you are not the one currently living at a property because it is a property that you are renting out, that sense of pride does not disappear. In fact, you…Read More

mn crp form

How To Write & File A Certificate of Rent Paid in Minnesota

As a landlord, you already know that every state has a particular set of rules that must be followed when it comes to renting out properties. Laws for tenant-landlord relationships and property management businesses are primarily set on the state level, so it is up to you to be familiar with the particulars of your…Read More

water shut off notice to tenant template

How To Write And Send A Water Shut-Off Notice The Right Way

The basis of every law about landlord responsibilities point to this fact: You are responsible for maintaining your properties in livable condition. There are certain necessities of life that you cannot block or prevent your tenants from having at your property, like water and electricity. When you do need to turn off a service for…Read More

security deposit disposition

Ultimate Security Deposit Disposition Letter Sample (Free)

While every landlord knows that collecting a security deposit is an essential part of protecting their investment when renting properties out, not every landlord knows how to handle withholding some of that money for repairs when a tenant is moving out. Sure, it’s your right as a landlord to keep some of that money for…Read More