rent receipt

Rent Receipt Sample: How To Fill Out A Rent Receipt

Updated January 2021 Collecting rent is one of the primary aspects of your rental business, and there are many ways to bring in that cash flow. Some landlords prefer their tenants using checks; others accept cash. Depending on where you live, you might even be restricted by your state and local laws with regard to…Read More

What To Include In A Rental Lease Agreement: Sample Form

No matter how much experience you have in the rental industry, you must remember the rental lease agreement is the backbone of your business. This agreement between you and your tenants sets the standard for how the rental period will pass. What dates will the rental period cover? What are the rules for using the…Read More

Non Email Disclosure

Email Non-Disclosure Agreement: Why Landlords Need This Form

In today’s society, there are many different ways to get into contact with each other. Some people use text messages, some prefer to call, and others have moved on to instant messaging and sending emails online. As a landlord, you might have adopted some of these forms of communication as well. Being open to every…Read More

early rent discount voucher

How To Use An Early Payment Discount (Free Landlord Guide)

At times, the relationship between you and your tenants might seem like nothing more than a back and forth between them paying rent and you reminding them to pay it on time. While many tenants are always on top of getting their payments in on time, others struggle with this prioritization, leading them to be…Read More

internet access addendum

How To Set Up An Internet Usage Agreement For Tenants

Do you provide internet access for tenants at your properties? These days, technology is more of an expectation than a bonus. Many potential renters will filter their rental browsing list down by whether or not an internet connection is provided or pre-installed. For that reason, landlords around the world are more and more frequently providing…Read More

housekeeping addendum

How (And Why) To Add A Housekeeping Agreement To Your Leases

Are you worried about the condition that your properties will be kept in when a tenant is living in them? That’s completely natural. All landlords worry that a new tenant might destroy their property, but the simple fact is that you have to give tenants a chance. Giving them a chance, however, doesn’t mean that…Read More

snow and ice removal addendum

How To Add A Snow And Ice Removal Addendum Form (Free Form)

Managing rental properties year-round is going to bring you in contact with the seasons, time and time again. In the summer, you might find yourself needing to fix the AC or call in a bee specialist to clear your property of dangerous insects. In spring, drainage can be a big issue as the rain rolls…Read More

waterbed addendum

How To Use A Waterbed Addendum (Sample Form For Landlords)

When it comes to the furniture that your tenants bring with them or add to your rental property, you probably aren’t too concerned. Every piece might not fit your style or taste, but they are the ones living there after all! One piece of furniture that you should be concerned about if a tenant decides…Read More

smoke detector addendum

How To Add A Smoke Detector Addendum To A Lease Agreement

The safety of your property should be of utmost importance to you when you’re putting together a lease agreement. While you want the property to be kept safe and in good condition, you also want to ensure that the property is safe for all tenants and their visitors. Some aspects of its safety, however, are…Read More

garage rental addendum

Addendum To Lease: Garage Rental Addition (Free Template)

The intricacies of renting out your property to a tenant are covered in their lease agreement. What do you do when a tenant wants to add on a garage or parking spot space and that rental isn’t covered within your lease terms? Thankfully, it’s very easy to add a garage rental addendum to any existing…Read More