shower doors or curtains for a rental

Shower Door vs Curtain for a rental property

Water from the shower can cause a lot of damage to a rental property’s bathroom floor. Some landlords choose the option of putting in sliding shower doors, while others stick to the shower curtain. So what are the advantages or disadvantages to a shower door vs curtain for a rental? Shower door or curtain? Pros…Read More

Fire extinguisher recalls

Fire Extinguisher Recall For Rental Properties

There has been a massive fire extinguisher recall on Kidde fire extinguishers as imposed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These apply to their two types of extinguishers with plastic handles as shown below. Push-Button Fire Extinguisher Recall Plastic Handle Fire Extinguisher Recalls How Do I Replace My Recalled Fire Extinguisher? To get a replacement…Read More

landlord's responsibility for hotel bills

What Is A Landlord’s Responsibility For Hotel Bills?

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that a rental property is habitable. A habitable unit is structurally sound and has adequate water, heating and electricity. Sometimes, circumstances arise that make the rental unit uninhabitable for a time. Usually this is due to serious repairs, natural disasters or other significant problems. During these times, tenants often stay…Read More

documenting pet urine

How Should A Landlord Document Pet Urine?

Pets can cause a lot of damage in a rental property. In some areas, landlords can charge a pet deposit. Otherwise, landlords can deduct the cost of repairs and replacements from the tenant’s security deposit. In most states, the landlords must provide an itemized list of the expenses. Repair receipts and photos are other ways…Read More

aundry setup for multi-unit

Best Coin Operated Washer and Dryer for Rental Property

Landlords are under no obligation to provide laundry services or washers and dryers in rental units. However, having a laundry facility on site for a multi-unit rental is definitely a perk. It can attract more qualified applicants that are willing to pay more for the convenience of laundry facilities. For landlords that have a laundry…Read More

can I charge securtiy deposit for dirty carpets

Can a Landlord Charge for Carpet Cleaning?

A good lease agreement should state that tenants should leave a rental in the same condition it was upon moving in, minus normal wear and tear. Th Carpets in rental units should be cleaned before a new tenant moves in. But can a landlord charge for carpet cleaning? Is it wear and tear? Or the…Read More


What to do with Mail from Previous Tenant with no Forwarding Address?

Whether the rental unit is in between tenants or your current tenant keeps bringing you mail for a previous resident, it’s annoying to deal with mail from former tenants with no forwarding address. When people move, they are supposed to provide the United States Post Office with their new address. Here’s what to do with…Read More

charge a tenant for mold

Can I Charge A Tenant For Mold?

Many landlords have questions about what kinds of repairs they can deduct from the tenant’s security deposit. After all, there can be a lot of gray area when it comes to wear and tear. Most of the damage is discovered after the tenant has moved out and the landlord has a chance to look at…Read More

crazy state laws for landlords

Crazy State Laws For Landlords

It’s not unusual for states to pass laws that are unique to them. This is especially true when it comes to landlord and tenant laws. Sometimes, state laws for landlords seem to create more problems than they solve. Other laws are not nearly as efficient or effective as they should be. When asked to share…Read More

provide a receipt for security deposit or rent

Do Landlords Need to Provide a Security Deposit Receipt?

In the age of electronic financial transactions and digital deposits, many landlords wonder about whether or not they are required to provide a security deposit receipt. Like most issues that have to do with rental properties, the answer is that it depends on several factors. Landlords should always have written records of transactions, but that…Read More