breaking a lease due to domestic violence

Breaking A Lease Due To Domestic Violence (RentPrep Guide)

Updated January 2022 When a tenant breaks a lease agreement, it’s sure to cause additional property management problems. However, there may be circumstances where the tenant has a good reason to do so. One of the most common scenarios is when there is domestic violence. Landlords must know what to do when tenants are breaking…Read More

credit freeze background check

Landlord Guide To Credit Freezes & Apartment Applications

Updated August 2021 What do a credit freeze and background check have in common? For landlords trying to find the best tenants for their rental properties, credit freezes can present an interesting situation to navigate. What do you do when information on a tenant’s recent credit history isn’t readily available? Landlords should always run a…Read More

how to handle inherited tenants

Landlord Guide: What’s Next After Inheriting Tenants?

Updated August 2021 Buying new investment properties offers fantastic opportunities for your rental business, but it’s not always possible to buy vacant properties. Sometimes properties come with rental contracts already in place, and that means it is time for you to learn how to handle inherited tenants. Inheriting tenants doesn’t need to be a difficult…Read More

pay to rekey locks

Should The Tenant Or Landlord Pay To Rekey Locks?

Who is responsible to pay to rekey locks? Not only do locks on the exterior doors protect a unit from unwanted visits, it keeps tenants and their belongings safe and secure. Changing the locks for various reasons is just part of a landlord’s regular duties. However, rekeying locks cost money and many landlords and tenants…Read More

repairs for money off rent

Agreement to Exchange Tenant Repairs for Reduced Rent (good or bad idea?)

Every landlord has considered allowing a tenant to do repairs for money off rent. One of the guaranteed duties of being a landlord is dealing with repair requests from tenants. They spend lots of time taking the call, arranging an appointment with a repair tech and processing invoices. Some tenants may offer to complete some…Read More

phone answering services for rentals

Email Hacks to Save Time On Rental Requests

During the process of filling a vacant unit, many landlords feel as if they could really use an answering service to help field all the questions they receive from interested people. It can be frustrating and a waste of a landlord’s time to answer the same questions over and over again. This is especially true…Read More

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Apartment

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Apartment

The smoking rate continues to decline in the United States, but there are still plenty of people that do it. Many landlords prohibit smoking in their rental properties because of the damage it can do to the unit, including the powerful smell. For landlords, tenants who smoke on the sly can leave them with a…Read More

Cash For Keys Agreement Form

When a landlord wants to encourage a tenant to move out soon, they may offer to let them out of the lease. They can also offer a cash for keys agreement form to give the tenant even more incentive to leave soon and keep the property in good shape. What is a Cash for Keys…Read More

excuses for late rent

The Best Tenant Excuses For Late Rent

All landlords want are good tenants that pay rent on time. However, getting the occupants of their rental properties to pay what they owe, in full and on time, is no easy task. Landlords have heard just about every excuse in the book, and  to end a lease agreement when its term expires. Why Tenants…Read More

Verifying Uber Or Lyft Income For Tenant Applicant

Tenant Applicants List Uber or Lyft as a Source of Income

Nowadays it’s common for people to have a side job to supplement their steady income. There are many creative ways to do this, from freelance writing to computer programming to driving for ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. However, landlords that are faced with applicants who list Uber or Lyft as a source of…Read More