can you evict a tenant without a lease

How To Evict Someone Who Is Not On The Lease (Guide)

Updated September 2021 The real estate world creates a lot of unique challenges that can be difficult to address without previous experience. From intricate tax rules to changing rental laws, it’s hard to know how to handle new situations. One complex question that many landlords have is: Can you evict a tenant without a lease?…Read More

best way to get rid of bad tenants

Easy Landlord Guide: How To Get A Tenant Out ASAP

Updated April 2021 Sometimes, tenants just don’t work out. From causing frequent problems to finding loopholes right and left, there are many ways this can happen. In addition to the loss of income, a bad tenant can add serious stress to your life. Learning the best way to get rid of bad tenants can be…Read More


What Happens In Eviction Court? Preparing For Your Hearing

Updated February 2021 At some point in a landlord’s career, it will be time to attend an eviction court hearing. How to prepare for an eviction court hearing is something many landlords are unfamiliar with because they do not think they will ever be in that situation. However, that’s unlikely to be true. Whether it’s…Read More

eviction and foreclosure moratorium

Updated Eviction And Foreclosure Moratorium Explained For Landlords

Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have been used over the last few months to help renters, homeowners, and landlords navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the most recent moratoriums expired at the end of July, government organizations have put updated eviction and foreclosure moratoriums in place. What are the terms of these updated moratoriums? How are they…Read More


Is Accepting Late Rent During The Eviction Process OK?

Updated July 2020 Collecting late rent can be one of the most frustrating parts about being a landlord. After all, collecting money for the use of your rental property is the primary reason you got into real estate investing. When tenants force landlords to start the eviction process, it can seem as if getting any…Read More

how to look up evictions

How To Look Up Evictions (And Prevent Disastrous Rentals!)

Updated May 2020 There’s one word all experienced landlords have come to fear: eviction. While eviction might sometimes be a necessity, it’s never an easy process. While the ultimate goal should always be to prevent an eviction situation from ever occurring, the simple fact is that it can and will happen eventually. But the word…Read More

3 day notice california

How To Handle California 3 Day Notice To Pay Or Quit Rentals

Updated May 2020 It’s well known that every state has differences between their rules for both landlords and tenants, but keeping those rules straight can get confusing in no time. In fact, some states have rules so different than another that you might believe you’re misunderstanding them. The 3 day pay or quit California law…Read More

what happens if tenant wins eviction

How To Process An Eviction & What Happens When The Tenant Wins

When you buy a home, whether your primary residence of a rental property, it’s an investment that requires a lot of logistical organization. Renting your property can be a great source of extra income (or pay off your mortgage) but can also prove to be a stressful task. Many landlords consider themselves lucky to get…Read More

can smart tech help you evict tenants

Using Smart Tech To Evict Tenants: A Guide for Landlords

Technology improves every single day, and the ways that we are incorporating it into our lives can change the way we live, too. Businesses around the world are constantly adapting to those changes to make; is your business adapting as well? The rental business, in some ways, is still stuck in the past. While we…Read More

how to file an eviction notice

The Ultimate Guide On How To File An Eviction Notice

Whether it’s your first year as a landlord or you’re a seasoned professional, evictions are sometimes unavoidable. You can try to prevent them by completing a tenant screening before potential renters move in, but this might not always work. You can have the best tenants in the world, but they may experience hardship and not…Read More