tenant reimbursements

How To Pay Tenant Reimbursements For Improvements (Guide)

Remaining successful in the rental industry requires constant improvements to your properties. Tenants expect properties that align with the current state of the market, and they may even be willing to make some of those changes themselves. In commercial spaces, it’s common for tenants to build out properties to fit their needs. Offering reimbursements to…Read More

How Much To Charge For A Rental Pet Deposit

It can be challenging for pet owners to find rental properties that allow their pets. Many are happy to pay extra to live in a nice place with their dogs or cats. Landlords can tap into a massive source of highly qualified applicants if they allow pets on their properties. However, they may find themselves…Read More

traveling nurses rental

How Rentals For Traveling Nurses Could Change Your Business

When thinking about your ideal tenant, have you ever considered a traveling nurse? Many landlords focus on leases that range from six months to over one year, but what if you tried your hand at traveling nurse rental property management? Traveling nurses are often on the road and constantly looking for unique housing options that…Read More

How To Write Rental Reference Letter

How To Write A Rental Reference Letter

A tenant may ask you to write a rental reference letter in order to help them rent another place down the road. Writing a rental reference letter doesn’t take much time, but some landlords may get confused about what to say. As a landlord, you appreciate an honest and thorough rental reference on prospective tenants, but are…Read More

landlord disclosure requirements

All About Landlord Disclosure Requirements (Landlord Guide)

You know you’re responsible for meeting certain standards as a landlord, but did you also know that you’re responsible for specific landlord disclosure requirements when renting to a new tenant? Landlord disclosure agreements are an essential part of every lease. Failure to provide these disclosures means you could be sued by a tenant or otherwise…Read More

dscr meaning

What Is Debt Service Coverage Ratio In The Rental Industry?

Knowing how to analyze rental properties is just as important as being able to properly finance your investments. When you uncover the DSCR meaning in rental real estate, you’ll find that you may be able to do both of those things at once. DSCR, also known as debt service coverage ratio, is a financial ratio…Read More

bonus depreciation

What Is Bonus Depreciation? How Landlords Use This Tax Cut

Updated January 2023 The financial aspect of working in the rental industry often becomes overwhelming. For both new landlords and those with experience, tax time is a challenging part of the year. One topic that’s been confusing landlords in recent years is bonus depreciation. Bonus depreciation is a type of tax deduction that has been…Read More

landlord insurance Florida

All About Rental Property Insurance In Florida (Guide)

Nearly 15 percent of Florida’s population are renters, and there are thousands of landlords working to keep housing available. Florida is also one of the states with the highest occurrence of natural disasters, meaning landlord insurance in Florida is an essential investment. If you’re a landlord working in Florida without rental property insurance, you could…Read More

rental arbitrage

What Is Rental Arbitrage? What Landlords Need To Know

New terms enter the industry every few years, and you may start to feel like you’re falling behind. That’s how many landlords think when they hear discussions about rental arbitrage. What is rental arbitrage, and should you be making use of it? Rental arbitrage is a term that emerged to talk about renting leased spaces…Read More

who will pick up furniture donations for free

Can I Donate Furniture With Free Pickup? (Landlord Guide)

When tenants move out, landlords often end up with many things that need to be donated or hauled away, and it can become a real expense to pay for these processes. This leaves many landlords wondering the same thing: Who will pick up furniture donations for free? Donating furniture in good condition that is left…Read More