How To Take Photos Of Rental Property

If you have a vacant rental property, your goal is to get the best tenant possible for your rental. To get a good tenant, you want to get many people interested and apply. Good photos of your rental property will help you do just that. Have no fear! Good photos don’t mean spending thousands on…Read More

best air conditioner for rental property

Best Apartment Air Conditioners For You And Your Tenants

Landlords who manage rental units that don’t have central AC will need to consider if they will provide or permit apartment air conditioners. The best air conditioner for a rental property will attract tenants who want a cool, comfortable home year round, but how do you ensure you can provide that? Learning about the air…Read More

marketplace rentals

Houses For Rent On Marketplace: How Ads On Facebook Work

Landlords have an incredible number of options when it comes to advertising their rentals. From local newspapers to online portals, renters browse properties almost everywhere. Marketplace rentals, which are listings on Facebook, are rapidly becoming a place these tenants browse. Do Marketplace rentals near me help landlords find great tenants, or is this just another…Read More

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How To Post Your Rentals On Craigslist: RentPrep Guide

Updated December 2021 A huge part of being successful as a landlord is to find the best way to bring in the best tenants possible. Do you know how to list a rental on Craigslist so that you can expand your reach? When you’re trying to find great tenants, you’ll want to list your property…Read More

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5 Apartment Move-In Specials To Offer (And How They Work)

Updated November 2021 Wondering if landlords who offer move-in specials are onto something? Or are they just wasting their time? Rental markets across the country can be very competitive. With more properties than ever on the market in some areas, landlords have to find ways to make their properties and businesses stand out from the…Read More

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How To Attract Tenants In A Tough Market: 5 Great Ideas

Updated July 2021 Looking for marketing ideas that will fill rental vacancies quickly? Finding the right tactics to use when trying to market a new property is difficult, but filling vacancies is essential for any successful rental business. A vacant rental property is like a pimple on the complexion of your real estate investment business—it’s…Read More

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How To Decide If RentBits Is Good For Your (Landlord Advice)

When listing your rental properties online, you probably have a few specific sites that you like to send all of your listings to. Perhaps you even use a syndicate service to ensure your listings are populated on your target sites. There are, after all, many different rental listing sites available! Is adding another rental listing…Read More

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Everything You Need To Know About How To Rent Your House Without An Agent

If you decided to make the decision to rent out your house, there’s a lot you need to consider. While a lot of people go with using an agent, we wanted to talk with you about everything you need to know about renting your house without an agent.  While using an agent might make the…Read More

how to list a rental on craigslist

How To Advertise An Apartment For Rent On Craigslist

A huge part of finding success as a landlord is to find the best way to bring in the best tenants possible. When you’re trying to find great tenants, you’ll want to list your property in many different places so that you have many applicants to choose from. Many landlords are interested in the idea…Read More

How To Hold An Open House For A Rental Property

Apartment Open House For Renters: Is It Worth Your Time? When it’s time to market your property, the most important thing is to be sure that you are putting your time, money, and energy into the right types of advertisement. There aren’t many good reasons to advertise at a high school if you’re hoping to…Read More