What to ask a tenant's employer?

It’s important you know what to ask a tenant’s employer when calling to verify details in a rental application.

We recently covered a comprehensive guide on how to make tenant verification calls below is one of the videos of our CEO Steve White showing you exactly how to call a tenant applicant’s employer.

Script: What To Ask A Tenant’s Employer

Here’s the bullet point takeaways from the video above.

Tenant Employer Reference Questions:

  • Can I speak with the supervisor?
  • Can I have your name please (HR)
  • Is this the current employer?
  • Is the applicant full-time or part-time?
  • What is the hire date?
  • What is the applicant’s position there?
  • What is his hourly or annual salary?
  • How do you prefer I send you the signed rental application?
  • Do I need to send that to attention to anyone?
  • Do you require any other type of form I need to fill out?
  • When will you be able to get that back to me?
  • I emailed you yesterday a release and wondering if we could complete the verification over the phone now?
  • What is the salary?

This tenant employer reference questionslist is most likely more comprehensive than you need for

Many employers will want to see written consent from the tenant applicant to release employment details.

Your rental application should have a section requesting signed consent for running a background check. Make sure you’re applicant has signed that before making any verification calls.