7 Tips For Building A Good Tenant Reputation

While many people use renting as a stopgap before they eventually purchase property, there are many who are not able to follow that route. If renting factors into your future, it is important to establish a good reputation as a tenant in order to secure the most desirable living situations.

Because future landlords will rely on personal information, including references, being able to present a strong rental history is an effective move. There are many things you can do to build up your reputation and ensure that your landlords are happy to give you a good report.

1. Pay Your Rent

While this seems like an obvious tip, there is a reason why it tops the list. Paying your rent on time is one of the best things you can do as a tenant. While most situations give a grace period of several days for the money to actually show up, it is a bad idea to make your landlord track you down for it. If you have a consistent history of regular payments, you are more likely to get a little leniency if you occasionally need a few extra days for the check to clear.

2. Make Maintenance Requests in a Timely Manner

Landlords usually have a full schedule of visits and maintenance requests. While you have the right to expect timely repairs in the event of an emergency, he will thank you for letting him know if something is a concern before it becomes a real problem.

3. Educate Yourself

Whether or not you are a homeowner, it makes sense to know how to do a few basic things around the house so you are not calling the management for every little thing. Learning how to unclog a drain or re-light the pilot light in the water heater can save your landlord some hassle and earn you a good reputation for reasonable self-sufficiency.

4. Be Respectful

Be Respectful

Because your rental is your home, it can be easy to forget that it does not actually belong to you. Follow the agreements you made in your lease regarding decorative changes and stay on top of things like regular carpet cleaning and appliance maintenance, so you can ensure that you haven’t produced more than the normal wear and tear before you move. An added benefit is that you will get more of your security deposit back.

5. Don’t Break Your Lease

Few things are more stressful to a landlord than a tenant that moves out suddenly or asks to be released from their lease early. Scrambling to find a new renter is not going to leave him thinking kindly of you when your next situation calls looking for a reference.

6. Be A Good Neighbor

Being a respectful neighbor is a good idea in any case, but is particularly important in a rental since your landlord will bear the brunt of any complaints regarding you. Because no one is perfect all the time, you still might get that knock on your door telling you to keep it down, or remove your stuff from the common area. When this happens, be courteous, respectful and workable and you are more likely to see positive results.

7. Develop Good Credit

Your credit is one of the main things potential landlords consider when deciding if you are an acceptable rental risk. Developing good credit indicates that you pay your bills on time and resolve financial issues in a timely manner. A high credit score can be one of your greatest assets during the application process.

If you can become a dream tenant to your landlord, you are more likely to develop a professional relationship of mutual respect rather than becoming the type of tenant that has your landlord on the defensive every time you interact.

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