Profit Drive: How This App Improves Real Estate Investing

Driving-for-dollars (also known as D4D) is a time-honored tradition in the world of real estate investing. Using this method, investors drive around target neighborhoods looking for potential properties and collecting information. They use this information to pull up records to find out if the property might be a worthwhile investment, and then they begin trying to buy.

There’s no doubt that this method has been successful for many investors, but it’s a very time-consuming tactic. For many up-and-coming or time-crunched investors, it simply doesn’t work.

That’s where Profit Drive comes in. Profit Drive reviews show how this app revolutionizes the process of D4D to make it more streamlined, less time-consuming, and easier to manage. Will it work for you? Let’s find out.

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Profit Drive Rating

Profit Drive reviews earn the product a 4 out of 5 star rating today.

Profit Drive Review

Profit Drive earns a 4 out of 5 star review because it does a great job of digitizing the D4D process in a streamlined and easy-to-use way. However, this process is still one that can be done in a low-cost way when managed yourself, so it isn’t the right choice for all investors.


  • Great CRM management tools
  • Automated and discounted mailing
  • Variety of price points and packages
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Not a necessity for all investors, especially new ones
  • Another tool to learn to manage

What Profit Drive Does

What Profit Drive Does

Before Profit Drive became what it is today, it’s tools were housed in two different applications: DriveBuy REI and REI Blackbook. The tools were merged together to create Profit Drive, a D4D app that combines the power of organized driving-for-dollars investment tactics with the CRM tools necessary to market, purchase, and manage those properties.

Track & Pin

After starting up the app, you can turn on route tracing to track your path while you drive around, looking for interesting properties. When you find a property you want more information about, you simply pin the address and get back to driving. The pin will keep track of what you need within your app.

Advanced Information Culling

Advanced Information Culling

In traditional D4D, you’d need to take the addresses and use a variety of websites and third-party lists to find out phone numbers, contact information, and more about the properties to find out if it is a viable investment opportunity.

Profit Drive puts all of that into one place. By simply selecting a pinned property, you can move forward to find more information within the app, including contact information for next of kin.

Direct Mailing And Contact Management

Profit Drive has a system for direct mailing to properties that you are interested in as well. You can automate this campaign through the software and manage your results through the CRM technology as well.

Their online web portal makes managing properties and mailings easier than ever:

Hire Drivers

If you don’t have the time or desire to do the driving yourself, the app has a way that you can hire your own drivers to do the routes for you. They take pictures to load routes and pin properties in the app, and then you take over on the research and reaching out.

Product Drive Products

Profit Drive is available in a few different packages:

  • Basic: Up to 500 property lookups monthly, one user account, no driver recruiting
  • Complete team: Up to 1,500 property lookups monthly, five user accounts, driver route tracking included, discounted mailing prices
  • Ultimate: Unlimited lookups, 15 user accounts, deep mailing discounts, all features included

Is It Time To Update Your D4D Method?

If you’re a real estate investor that finds driving-for-dollars to be an effective tactic, this tool could help you make your time spent even more efficient. Profit Drive doesn’t do much that you cannot do on your own, but it does make the overall process streamlined and easier to manage. If that time saved could earn you more money, it’s a worthy investment.