Pensco Trust Company Reviews For Investment Landlords

As a smart investor, you’re looking towards the future, considering the investment options you have, and wondering if there are other ways for you to diversify your retirement and investment portfolios.

Many people in your situation consider changing up their IRA (individual retirement account) management style and doing some type of IRA-directed investments, but it can be a challenging world to enter at first. To do anything with an IRA, you need to have some type of third-party holding company, and the best way to involve this type of company is to have one filled with experts to support your goals.

Pensco Trust Company aims to be one such company, and many Pensco Trust Company reviews suggest they are a great option for many new and experienced investors. They offer a variety of investment options as well as advice about all of their areas of expertise.

With all of this information available, will using their services be the right choice for your needs?

Learn more about Pensco Trust Company and what they offer through today’s complete analysis and review here on RentPrep.

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Pensco Trust Company Rating

Today, Pensco Trust Company earns a ⅘ star rating for the services they provide generally in the investment industry but more specifically for the expert advice and services offered in the real estate investment offerings through their company.

Pensco Trust Company Review

Pensco Trust Company Review

Pensco Trust Company has more than two decades of experience with investments, retirement investing, and other areas within their company’s products. They earn a ⅘ rating because they have high-quality information and offerings through their real estate investment services in particular, but there are some areas where their fees and systems are a bit too high and complicated.

Still, the company is a great third-party custodial trust that can help you to pave the way for your future investments to ensure you are getting the most out of everything you are saving for the future of your business and family.


  • Clear, helpful information about different types of IRA investing
  • Great guides for real estate IRA investing
  • Various asset investment options
  • Easy-to-use online portal for investing processes


  • Variable fees can be hard to predict, but experts can be reached by phone to estimate what your fees would be in advance of making any commitment

Pensco Trust Products Analyses

Pensco’s goal is to make it possible for any type of person to diversify and expand their investment options. While they offer a number of different areas of investment, one of their primary offerings is their assistance in setting up a self-directed IRA real estate investment property.

From real estate to precious metals, there are a variety of investment options and services being offered by Pensco Trust at this time.

Variety Of Investment Options

Pensco Trust has the experience, services, and set-up needed to assist with a variety of investment options. Regardless of what your current investment situation is, there is likely a way that a company such as Pensco can help you to solidify your future plans.

Primarily, they offer assistance with the following:

  • Traditional assets (bonds, stocks, ETFs)
  • Precious metals
  • Real estate
  • Land rights
  • Mineral rights
  • Bitcoin
  • Off-shore funding
  • Wind farms
  • P2P lending

Pensco has experienced experts in each of these areas, so they can handle your account maintenance and transactions with ease to ensure your holdings are kept in good standing.

Up-To-You Asset Investing

Is there another type of asset you are interested in investing in that you don’t see listed above? If so, consider contacting Pensco to discuss whether or not self-directed IRA funds could be used for the investment.

Pensco has worked with more than 40,000 different types of investments. They have decades of experience that can be used to make sure any investments made with your IRA funds will be IRS-compliant so your retirement will not suffer.

The only limit to your investment options is your imagination when working with Pensco; they’re willing to explore new avenues that aren’t as common as real estate or stocks if you are, too!

Experienced Real Estate Partner

Pensco Trust Products Analyses

Whether you are already a landlord looking to add on IRA-funded investment properties or you are completely new to the industry, Pensco Trust can help you ensure your new real estate properties are purchased and managed by-the-book.

Pensco is there to ensure your transactions run smoothly and things are set up properly, but they will not advise you on whether or not something is a good investment. You still need to focus on that yourself!

However, Pensco will ease some of the burdens of investing by ensuring your property can be held by a self-directed IRA and by ensuring it is held properly so you will not face any penalties down the line.

Many landlords know how to choose a good property, but they don’t know how to set up this property to be owned and run by a self-directed IRA rather than by their own proprietorship. Pensco Trust can help show you the difference as you bring in this type of retirement investing into your portfolio.

Pensco Trust Product Line Fees

When talking about products offered by trust agencies and custodians of self-directed IRAs, it’s always important to consider what types of fees you will encounter when doing your investing. In the long-run, fees can make a big impact on your bottom line.

The fees charged by any custodial company like Pensco Trust are going to be dependent on the specific forms, services, and assistance you need throughout your process of buying real estate with a self-directed IRA (or any of their other services).

There are a few specific types of service fees you will encounter when working with Pensco Trust Company to set up your investment portfolio and investment real estate purchases:

  • One-time fee for account setup
  • Quarterly fees for administrative work and account maintenance
  • One-time fees for account transactions such as notary services, real estate processing fees, and other similar payments
  • Fees for account transfers and closeouts as the funds have to be transferred in specific ways to maintain your tax-deferred status

If you want to find out what types of fees you might encounter when working with Pensco, the best way to get a number estimate is to contact their service representatives about the specific transactions and accounts you are interested in using their company for.


When setting up a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate or otherwise expand the ways you are preparing for your future through retirement-based investing, there are many services that can be used to assist you.

Pensco Trust Company is one such custodial company that can organize the transactions and account holdings you need to be able to successfully complete your retirement plan. With more than two decades of experience, this company has a lot to offer as long as its fees fit into your budget.

If you aren’t sure if investing retirement funds into real estate is the right option for you, take a closer look at what SDIRA investment entails here on RentPrep.